Reset Password AI Bot

Are you getting hundreds of tickets for simple task like “user unlock” or “password reset” and wants to get a solution which will save your time and money!

Okay, you are in right place now!

Please check out our pre-build password reset bot here. User can directly access the bot from any device and in any interface (web, whatsapp, teams, skype, slack etc) and simply reset SAP system passwords within a min. And while bot will help to reset user’s password it can automatically log incident details as well in service now and even auto resolve it in no time.

What are the benefits here…

  1. User gets a seamless experience: (a) anywhere (b) any device (c) Natural language
  2. Reduce resource: (a) service desk person (b) SAP security person.
  3. Reduce cost.
  4. Saves time.
SAP Reset Password – AI Bot

Order in SAP from Alexa!

SAP with Alexa!

Now a days everything goes conversational. And our job is to make conversations more intelligent using AI technology.

As we always love to communicate in Natural Language!

Now we can place a Purchase Order in SAP while working in a Chemical Laboratory wearing gloves.

Or we can create a Sales Order in SAP while working on Shop Floor.

Or we can raise a Service Ticket while we face some issues in industrial/manufacturing units, as well as can get help in natural language with the solutions in real time.

Or even you can raise a leave request in real time in SAP HCM….

All this are possible by just using your voice in natural language of talking!!! See the DEMO here…