Customer Exit find – process 2

Tricks to find Customer Exits: Process 2
    • Find the package name inside which the t-code or the program created. 

    ( Go to the T-Code for which you want to find the customer exit. 
      Go to the program name.    
      From menu, Goto – Object Directory Entry – copy the Package name).

    • Go to T-Code SMOD and go for F4 Help in the field Enhancement and put the Package name and enter.

    You will find the Exit Names / Enhancement Nos. under the package.

      Implement the Customer Exit:

      • Go to T-Code CMOD
      • Create a Z<ANY PROJECT-NAME>.
      • Enter the enhancement assignment (Enhancement No.) and press enter.
      • Go into Component – Function Exit – Z<include> – Write your custom code. 

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