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Do you know why all of a sudden, all the big organisation giving special attention in IoT.
Like IBM, SAP, google, all are investing huge amount of money in IoT.

Because IoT is going to be bigger than anything.
According to SAP there is 11 trillion US dollar economic impact by 2025.

Before moving into the actual training let’s have a brief idea on what is IoT.

IoT is internet of things. That means using IoT we can connect things through internet. Things can be like different devices, machines and any goods. And by connecting them we can monitor, manage and control the realistic world from anywhere through internet.

The very simple and available IoT that we all probably using in our daily life is health band or Fitbit, that have biometric sensors that collecting different biometric measurements and we can see the data in our mobile device. By using this we can have a better control of our daily physical activities.

Similarly, IoT can be used in ERP systems as well. In every industry from manufacturing, CPG, life science and everywhere from home automation to industry.

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Let me give you another example, in a renowned automobile industry, they are using different sensors that can get vehicle live condition like engine, break, accelerator and send it to customer service place and based on the data they are able to better serve their customer.


________________TRAINING FORMAT________________


Introduction to SAP Cloud Platform

Create Database & Schema

Setup IoT services


Dry Run and Test


Create UI5 Application (with Destination setup)


Introduction to Electronics Components


Invent your first IoT device


Push embedded code into brand new device & Dry Run


MQTT Basics


End-to-End scenario



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