IoT with SAP DEMO: (35:22 min)

What you are going to Build? (03:57 min)

Create Account in SCP (SAP Cloud Platform): 02:28 min

Configure HANA Database: 09:46 min

IoT Tables overview: 02:36 min

Install Eclipse & Create HANA tables: 19:46 min

IoT Service Cockpit: 17:27 min

IoT Message Management Service Cockpit (MMS): 17:23 min

SAP HANA Database – Tables Create: 21:27 min

SAP HANA Database – INSERT & SELECT: 13:05 min

Create Calculation View & XSOData service: 35:41 min

Finalize XSOData for project: 14:46 min

UI – SAP UI5 – Create Master/Details Application: 9:30 min

UI – SAP UI5 – Cont..: 22:34 min

UI – Final UI and Dry Run: 18:44 min

Recap till now: 6:40 min

Microcontroller – ESP8266 (NODE MCU) & Arduino: 12:56 min

Inroduction & Installation of Arduino IDE : 04:30 min

Lua (Embeded C) Programming Basics: 07:09 min

First Arduino Blink Program (Hello World) (Need Re-record)

LED Light Control from Mobile (Do some more experiments..): 09:55 min

Introduction of Electronics IoT components for our project: 05:30 min

Set Up Arduino IDE for our Project: 10:55 min

Project Electronics Components and PCB Design: 20:49 min

Build Brand New own IoT Device: 13:25 min

Code (Lua-C) for your Brand new IoT device: 46:27 min

Push code into IoT Device and Test: 05:06 min

End-to-End Testing: 07:33 min

Explanation: MQTT: 12:42 min

Explanation: How all components (Software+Hardware) works together: 06:22 min

Implement Automatic Alert in Mobile WhatsApp (using Nodejs + Twilio + HANA XS OData service ): 21:05 min

Go-Live: 00:23 min

Project Resources