Kick off OData:

  • Kick off OData ABAP services – Basic terminologies.
  • Various data types available in OData ABAP services.
  • Various T-codes & different tools used in Odata ABAP services.
  • Various operations in Odata ABAP services.
  • What we can do and what we can’t do in OData ABAP services as part of coding.

Introduction to SEGW & build first OData ABAP service:

  • What are the main folders in OData ABAP services
  • How to create ENTITY TYPE and ENTITY SET
  • What is runtime artifacts
  • What is the use of MPC (Model Provider Class)
  • What is the use of Data Provider Extension Class (DPC)
  • OData ABAP Service

Important methods in OData ABAP service – Relation between OData & UI5 methods:

  • Behaviour of various important methods (CRUDQ) in OData ABAP services.
  • Implement some method using important parameters.
  • Different HTTP status codes.
  • Introduce different UI5/Fiori methods – how they are related with OData ABAP services method.

Practical OData scenario walk-through – Implement – Enhancement:

  • Implement OData ABAP service for Practical scenarios.
  • Implement Multiple Entity Type and Entity Set in single OData ABAP service.
  • Implement <EntitySet>_GET_ENTITY and <EntitySet>_GET_ENTITYSET method.
  • Apply additional conditions after initial OData implementation (enhance OData).

Implement BAPI in UI5/OData/FIORI – With mapping technique (no need of coding)

BAPI in OData ABAP services ( without mapping – code based ) + $filter $count etc..

  • BAPI in OData ABAP services – without mapping – code based implementation
  • $filter $count options in URI

Search & Filter  ($search, $filter) implementation in OData ABAP service:

  • Develop OData ABAP service which will fetch records based on wild card character (different search options).
  • Developing OData ABAP services with FILTER option
  • Different HTTP status codes.

Implement INSERT – UPDATE – DELETE methods:

  • POST HTTP method implementation.
  • PUT HTTP method implementation.
  • DELETE HTTP method implementation.

Function Import in OData ABAP service:

Implement complex function import:

  • Single Function import with multiple parameters.
  • Implement multiple function import within a single OData service.

File upload & download:

  • File upload and File Download via OData ABAP service.
  • Files with different formats – .pdf, .bmp, .gif, .txt, .jpg

Navigation and Association

  • Principle Entity Type
  • Dependent Entity Type
  • Principle Entity Set
  • Dependent Entity Set
  • Association
  • Association Set
  • Referential constraint


Embeded Vs. Central HUB Netweaver Gateway:

  • Netweaver Gateway
  • Configurations

XS OData – OData HANA services:

  • XS OData
  • OData HANA services